Nature-Based Cooperative Preschool

Launching soon!

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Welcome to Oak Leaf! A nonprofit early childhood program founded by parents and educators in the Chicago suburbs.

We currently offer enrichment classes for children and caregivers in Winnetka, IL, and are working towards launching a play-based, Reggio-inspired cooperative preschool for 3-6 year olds.

At our preschool program, children will participate in outdoor exploration, hands-on learning, and community service projects.

Our goal is to instill respect for people, plants, and animals at an early age, setting the foundation for children to become responsible citizens and environmental stewards.

We believe in nurturing the capabilities and potential of every child, and will use children's interests and observations to shape our curriculum.

Visit our Programs page to learn about upcoming enrichment classes, family events, and workshops.

Oak Leaf Cooperative School is a 501c3 nonprofit and a member of the North American Association for Environmental Education, Parent Cooperative Preschools International, and the Alliance for Early Childhood Education.

Join Our Parent Advisory Board!

We are looking for parent volunteers to help run our cooperative preschool pilot program in Winnetka. Email for more information.

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Family Involvement

Parents/guardians will be involved in all aspects of school operations in order to build community, create a warm, welcoming environment, and ensure affordable tuition.

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Outdoor Education

Children will spend the majority of each school day learning outside in all seasons, except in the event of severe weather. We will frequently visit local nature preserves.

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Respect for All Beings

Developmentally appropriate early childhood education that promotes respect for people and nature, compassion, curiosity, and problem-solving.

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Community Service

Children will take the lead on projects that build community, such as designing a nature playground, painting a mural, or creating a multicultural cookbook.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."

― Ralph Waldo Emerson